Behind every great speech…..

Behind every great speech, is the talented PR practitioner that paid attention in PR writing class and learned how to craft an eloquent, persuasive and effective speech.


This assignment proved to be quite challenging. I wrote several drafts, each a different tone, message, and platform before I found the one that I felt really struck a chord with what my client stands for. That was the hardest part. Once I nailed down my key POV, the speech just flowed. I had to step away from the structured, fact heavy, informational tone I kept gravitating towards and think about it from the perspective of the audience.

What will be interesting for them to hear? What will make them want to listen?

Then I asked myself: What is the point of The Green Room?

To entertain and to inspire.

That is what my speech needed to do. So I thought about the creator, and how she was inspired to write The Green Room, and the obstacles that she had to overcome to do that.

I’m really proud of the speech. I think it tells the story in a bigger way then just facts and dates. It encourages the audience, the viewers of The Green Room, to actively pursue their goals, and make them a reality.


There are a lot of helpful articles about how to achieve your goals, like this one. They all have a common theme though, and that’s to stop procrastinating, and to get out their and make. it. happen.¬†

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