Designing a Newsletter from Scratch

This week we continued polishing and refining our newsletter designs to submit Thursday night. This was probably one of the hardest design projects I have done all semester, which is interesting because I felt the most comfortable using InDesign then I have all semester. I think this is because it was really challenging my creativity and design skills. I never would have imagined how difficult designing an appealing, artistic, layout for a newsletter could be. I’ve seen so many newsletters, and up until now I never gave them much thought (in terms of their design). Now I’m realizing how much time and skill it takes to create something both practical and visually appealing. I think my biggest struggle with designing my layout was making it exciting. I kept designing really boring, uninteresting newsletters that seemed way too over run with text and not eye-catching enough. I know the main purpose of a newsletter is to deliver information to your target publics, but you want it to be visually stimulating as well or else they won’t want to read it. I wanted my newsletter to be targeted internally, so I my target publics were Starbucks employees.

Here is a link to the PDF of my Newsletter. (I think it is too large to insert into the post itself) Let me know what you think!

Starbucks Newsletter


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