Google Voice

I really enjoyed this lesson because I learned a lot of new things I never knew I was able to do!

I had no idea Google Voice existed, or that you could create a listing on Google Maps. Now that I know how to do both of those things, I feel like I have even more tools to add to my PR toolkit!

I’m learning how holistic public relations is. You really have to think about all aspects of your client, down to the nitty gritty details like their phone number and voicemail message. I think it’s important to think about all the different mediums through which your client may be communicating. It’s not enough just to think about their social media presence, but every single place your client is present, even if it that place is google maps. You have to think of everything.

brand persona

Thinking about all these little details might seem daunting, and it definitely can be if you don’t have the right strategy. I like this article about building a strong brand image because it mentions setting business goals for your client before you even start creating a persona for your client. This can help you see the big picture, and keep you from wasting your time focusing on things that they may not be beneficial in the future.



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