Social Media Designs With Canva

I LOVE Canva.

I’ve always loved Canva. I discovered it last year when my roommate showed it to me, and i’ve been addicted ever since.

So when I saw that this week Croom wanted us to use Canva for our designs, I was thrilled. Finally, something I am familiar with and (somewhat) good at.

I had fun designing my social media graphics on Canva. I find Canva extremely self explanatory and user friendly, so creating my designs was really enjoyable. I think I also enjoyed the process more because I chose a brand I personally love and am passionate about. Here is the first graphic I created. I created the other graphics around this theme to complement this one.

Black Friday sale

The other ones were a little harder, creativity wise. I wanted them to be cohesive but different, and I didn’t want them to simply say the same things over and over. Here is how the other three turned out:

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I’m really happy with the end product. Can I put these in my portfolio, or is that cheating since I didn’t use an Adobe program to create them? 🙂

Until next time,


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