Wrapping Things Up

This week was the final week before client launch week. We worked on revising all of our assignments up until this point to make sure they are in tip top shape for the big day.

Looking back on all the assignments, I was really surprised at everything that was there. I mean, we did a lot of assignments and now that i’m seeing the big picture, I see how it all fits together in a really holistic campaign.

I am proud to say that I can write a news release, a media advisory, and a speech. I can also create visuals elements to compliment my writing such as infographics and slide decks.

I am thankful for the opportunity to revise all of my work not only for a chance to improve my grade, but because I feel like I have learned so much along the way, and now I can go back and improve on my previous work with the things I wished I had done differently.

Revising and editing your work is a crucial step in the writing process. Even if you think it’s flawless, you should stil always take a second look, because chances are there is at least one thing you could re-word, a comma to delete (or insert), or a sentence you could re-word to make it more concise and/or clear. This article has some really helpful tips for how to approach the editing process.


It’s pretty cool to see all of my hard work come together in a way that I can be proud of for my client. Can’t wait for launch week!

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